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Trophy Hunting
For the more adventurous and robust hunter, we offer hunting all year. If you do not mind the heat or rain, we can accommodate you any time of the year.

Mananga Safaris' hunting territory is a mixture of savannah land, Bushveld, and mountain/rocky terrain. The Northern Province (Limpopo Province) is known as one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa; therefore, we can offer you a hunting holiday to remember!

The wide variety of species in our 25 000-hectare hunting area is one of the main factors that makes Mananga Safaris unique. Elephant, leopard, and buffalo roam our area, thus is there no need to travel to various parts of South Africa to find these species. We have them all here at our doorstep.

Our hunting safaris are carefully planned and well organized. We have friendly and experienced professional hunters that will assist you during your safari. Our hunting vehicles are equipped with all the necessities to ensure you a comfortable and carefree experience. We are also in constant radio contact to ensure that safety gets our highest priority.

All Year Hunting:

The Limpopo Province’s rain season usually varies between November and March. The summers are hot, while the remainder of April until September are cooler. Therefore, the ideal and most popular time of the year for your hunting holiday is between April and September.

For the daring and resilient hunter, we provide year-round hunting opportunities. If you are unfazed by the heat or rain, we can cater to your needs regardless of the season.

We respect bow hunting and acknowledge that it has different parameters altogether than rifle hunting. In the past, we were restricted to rifle hunting only, but we are overly excited to announce that we have implemented the facilities to offer excellent bow hunting safaris in our hunting area of 25 000 ha (61 000 acres), situated in one block.

We are expressly excited about the addition of bow hunting because we will be able to attract new clients to Mananga Safaris and enter a new market. Bow hunters will now have the opportunity to hunt with us. This is an ideal and splendid hunting area with large volumes of animals and a hunting territory which is a mixture of savannah land, Bushveld, and mountain/rocky terrain.

Take note that Mananga Safaris does not supply or rent out any hunting bows. Please ensure that you bring your bow when joining us for your bow hunting experience.  

Our trackers and professional hunters are acknowledged as the best in the world, and the experience you will get is simply exhilarating!

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