South African Holiday Hunting

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Embark on a thrilling hunting safari, and the true highlight of your adventure awaits: the trophies you'll proudly take home.

When it comes to the required arrangements and the preparing, dipping, packing and shipping and taxidermy work of your trophies, there are two options to consider:

Option One: Dip & Pack

If you prefer to make use of your taxidermist, we will take care of the dipping, packing and shipping of your trophies, according to your specifications. The necessary regulations will still be applicable.

Option Two: ALL INCLUSIVE where all costs are fixed and known in advance

We are currently using First Class Trophy Taxidermy. This taxidermy company offers you an ALL-INCLUSIVE solution where all costs are fixed and known all the way in advance from Mananga Safaris until delivery of the mounted trophies to your address in any EU country. Or to your incoming broker if you live in a country outside the EU. 

First Class Trophy takes care of the complete process with export, international airfreight, import, customs clearing, transport to First Class Trophy's workshop, taxidermy work / mounting process and final delivery to your address. You only have 1 contact, and that is First Class Trophy Taxidermy. The ‘Dip & Pack’ work will take place with our local taxidermist Thaba Mahaka Taxidermy and must be paid directly by the hunter or via First Class Trophy Taxidermy. Delivery time is 6–8 months after the trophies are exported from South Africa. Allow 3–5 months for export preparation and paperwork / permits. 

First Class Trophy is well-known for high-quality work and extraordinary service. First Class Trophy has been in business for 15 years and is Europe’s largest taxidermy (and probably the best). The taxidermist team has earned international recognition at championships with multiple awards and several “Best in World” and “Best in Europe” titles.

More details about the ALL INCLUSIVE solution can be found here.

View the sixty-eight pages inspiration Portfolio Book here.

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