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Exclusive Hunting Safaris in Limpopo, South Africa
Hunting is not just something we do,
It is who we are.
one of the biggest hunting areas in South Africa ... if not the largest!

Whether you are interested in hunting safaris, photo safaris or exploring the Limpopo surroundings, we offer you just that and more while on your South African hunting holiday with Mananga Safaris.

Our lodge is family friendly, well-kept and equipped with all the facilities and luxuries that you will need to enjoy an unforgettable stay with us.

Mananga Safaris is situated in an imposing nature reserve close to the Limpopo River and the border of Zimbabwe. This nature reserve is the home of a wide variety of birdlife and African animals you can experience while on your South African hunting safari. We offer a paradise for hunters, photo enthusiasts and families in search of the ultimate African experience.

We have a unique hunting territory of 25 000 hectares (61 000 acres) to our disposal. Some of the big game animals that roam our area are elephant, leopard and buffalo that could be arranged to hunt.

Start your African experience with us!
Buffalo Hunting
Mananga Safaris offers you the ultimate buffalo hunting experience on an expansive 6,000-hectare area.
Plains Game Hunting
For the more adventurous and robust hunter, we offer all year hunting, if you do not mind the heat or rain.
Travel Information
Mananga Safaris offers refined South African safaris while we believe in hospitality of the highest standard.
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